Yamaha SZ R
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There is not much of a difference between the Yamaha SZ R that we will be discussing today and the SZ-X that we had discussed a while back; except for a few variations in the looks and accessories. Anyway, we will discuss the SZ R independently to see what customers have got to say about it.

In terms of specs, the SZ-R is very much like the SZ-X. It comes with a 153cc air-cooled 4 stroke engine delivering a max power of around 12.1 PS at 7500 RPM. This effectively gets you a max torque of 12.8 Nm at 4500 RPM. Unlike the SZ X that has drum brakes on both the front and the rear wheels, the SZ R has a disc on the front and a drum on the rear. The bike measures 2050 x 730 x 1100 mm and weighs 134 kg. Equipped with a wheelbase of 1320mm, ground clearance of 165mm and seat height of 802mm, the other specs are mostly the same. The SZ-R can hold 14 liters of fuel at any point. You can purchase the motorcycle at a price of Rs. 57,500 ex-showroom Delhi.

Manufacturer’s Mileage Claim

Given that there is not much to choose between the SZX and the SZR, the manufacturer’s claim has stayed unchanged. As a matter of fact, Yamaha has one standard fuel economy claim for all their SZ variants – 62.4 kmpl. Do note that this is under test conditions and the real world FE would definitely be lower than this. Only a few other bikes like the Pulsar, Xtreme and Achiever have a higher mileage at the 150cc level.

User Reviews & Test Ride Reports

On Indiagarage, a customer reports that his SZR gives an unsatisfactory 43 kmpl on city roads. However there are more than a couple of other users who think the SZR is probably the best in class and they note a much higher FE of between 50-55 kmpl on city roads.

MaxAbout in their review say the SZR is “virtually identical to its younger sibling SZ-X” without any element of surprise when it comes to engine that they say lacks power. In terms of mileage, the SZR is reported to offer 55-60 kmpl on city roads and 65 kmpl on the highways. I feel the author has been too generous in this case. Anyway, let’s go through what the others have to say before jumping in on a conclusion.

In a customer review report back from 2011, BikeAdvice writer Naren calls the bike Sporty and ‘one of the hottest chicks’ in the Indian bike market. The review, which is overall very positive, does not specify the mileage. However, the readers reporting their FE claim it to be somewhere in the 45-49 kmpl mark.

On Motorbeam once again, the reviewer points out that the power delivered by the bike may not be up to the mark. However, there is a lot of thrust at low rev which is good in the city traffic conditions. On the mileage front, the reviewer notes 55+ kmpl overall which is extremely good which makes me rethink what I said about MaxAbout’s review.

Anyway, the final word needs to come from the customers themselves. On MouthShut, there are over 133 reviews for the SZR. The reviewers have together rated the bike 3/5 in fuel consumption which is not really a good figure. However, reading through the latest reviews, it seems like customers are happy with the mileage offered. The reported figure has hovered between 40-52 kmpl which is a pretty wide, yet good number to go with.

The summary of reports from various sources is tabulated below. Overall, the SZR looks like a decent bike to go with. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

SourceCity (kmpl)Highways (kmpl)
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