Here is the brand new list of the top 5 fastest bikes in the world! Includes the BMW K1200S, Ducati 1098s, Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille, Yamaha YZF R1, Honda CBR 1100XX, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 and the BMW S1000RR !

Top 5 Fastest Bikes in the World 
BMW K1200S 167 mhh (268 km/h)
(Special Mention) 
With enough raw power to shock even the most seasoned adrenaline junky, the K 1200 S hurls you from a dead stop to sixty mph in just 2.8 seconds. Once you're over the whiplash, you'll keep climbing, topping out at speeds that run neck-and-neck with the fastest production motorcycles in the world.





Ducati 1098s 169 mph (271 km/h)
(Special Mention)

The Ducati 1098 is a 1099 cc L-twin sport bike manufactured by Ducati. It was announced on November 8, 2006 for the 2007 model year and replaces the 999. The 1098 makes a manufacturer claimed 160 horsepower, 90.4 ft-lb torque, and weighs 173kg. These figures gives the 1098 the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any production sport bike ever made.



Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille 175mph (281 km/h)
(Special Mention)


The RSV Mille and limited-edition RSV Mille Factory are high performance V-twin powered motorcycles made by Aprilia with a 143 HP 998 cc engine built by the Austrian company Rotax. For 2006. the RSV Mille Factory won the Maxisport category for Masterbike 2006 and overall Masterbike of the year.



5. Yamaha YZF R1 176mph (283 km/h)

The Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle, introduced in 1998, was the first significant motorcycle in the true litre class (1,000 cc) "handling arms race" between the Japanese Big Four motorcycle manufacturers (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha). When introduced, it took the class closer to a true racing motorcycle, and increased the handling capabilities.


4. Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird 178mph (286 km/h)

Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird is a sport-touring motorcycle built by Honda. It combines big engine power, Easy operational error-tolerance with touring comfort. The Blackbird production started in 1997 and the last year of production was 2006. The Blackbird was the result of Honda's attempt to build the world's fastest production motorcycle, stealing the crown from Kawasaki.



3.  Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 (299 km/hr)
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, or ZZR1400 is their most powerful sport bike. It is capable of accelerating from 0–60 mph in 2.5 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 186 mph (299 km/h).

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

2.  Suzuki Hayabusa (303 km/hr)

The Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) is Suzuki's fastest sport bike, made since 1999. Hayabusa got its name from the Japanese word for "peregrine falcon", a bird that is known for its speed due to its vertical hunting dive. 
 Suzuki Hayabusa

Be careful riding these superbikes, to avoid a fall like in the picture below!
 Suzuki Hayabusa Fall
Suzuki Hayabusa Fall
1. BMW S1000RR (305 km/hr)
 The BMW S1000RR is a sport bike which was initially made to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship, that is now in commercial production. It is powered by a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) inline-4 engine redlined at 14,200 rpm.
 BMW S1000RR

BMW S1000RR 

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5 Most Stylish Sport Bikes: Motorcycle Show
02:04 | Author: Udhaya kumar
Toronto, December 8, 2012 -Every December, the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers come to the Toronto to showcase hundreds of new motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. The Motorcycle Show Toronto 2012 is Ontario’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers’ consumer show of the year and kicks-off a cross-Canada tour that includes stops in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Quebec City, Moncton, and Montreal.

In addition to showcasing the world’s top motorcycles for 2013, the show that covers almost three football fields has a wide range of exhibits and features that also include the latest in apparel, accessories and touring destinations. The theme of this year’s show is Riding Redefined and it speaks to the on-going evolution of motorcycles and motorcycling, through innovative technologies and designs in the new bikes, riding gear and parts.

“The Toronto Motorcycle Show is one of the most anticipated weekends on the bike community’s calendar, and it’s a great opportunity for enthusiasts to experience how the motorcycle industry is redefining riding,” says Show Manager, Neil Fardy. One of the coolest features of the show is the Yamaha Riding Academy, which makes its only Ontario motorcycle show appearance of the season. Kids aged 6-12 can take a free on an off-road motorcycle lesson while at the Toronto Show. Where was this when I was a kid?

The Motorcycle Show Toronto runs Friday, December 7 to Sunday, December 9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South). We had a chance to drop in yesterday and check out the hottest 2013 motorcycles by BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, and Yamaha. Here is a breakdown of our 5 Most Stylish Sport Bikes for 2013 with full Motorcycle Show Gallery to follow:

#1 – MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro 2013 – $28,995

2013 MV Agusta F3 ORO 2013Only

200 of the limited edition MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro sport bikes are being manufactured to special order for 2013. Canada is expected to get around six of them. In keeping with the tradition of the brand, the limited edition Serie Oro appeals to collectors and enthusiasts of Italian engineering excellence. This work of art is immediately recognized by its gold frame plates and single-sided swing arm, as well as the forged aluminum gold painted wheels. The deliberately minimalist graphics subtly emphasize the lines of the bike, as well as identifying it. The sensuous bodywork design is characterised by a special paint scheme which accentuates its shapely form; the final result is a striking reinterpretation of the traditional MV Agusta silver and red livery. Even the rear view mirrors are painted, and the seat subframe matches the colour of the F3s tubular space-frame. The clutch cover and the frame plates are machine polished, while the alternator cover is completely milled from a billet, providing these components with the hand-made feel that makes each MV unique.

The attention to detail extends to the air intakes and cooling exits, which have a gold finish, as well as the DID Gold final drive chain. The completely handmade covering of both rider and passenger seats employs real leather and Alcantara®, giving the Serie Oro the ultimate touch of elegance. As usual with MV Agusta Serie Oro models, a gold plate mounted on the upper triple clamp identifying each individually numbered bike (002/200 shown above). Several mechanical parts are unique to the Serie Oro models, exemplified by the outstanding Brembo brake system, with radially-mounted Monobloc calipers gripping Racing discs. Fully adjustable Öhlins upside down forks, TTX shock and steering damper collectively represent the ultimate in suspension. The space-frame chassis and seat sub-frame are TIG-welded, guaranteeing a strong, stiff structure and a highly refined aesthetic appearance. With the objective of allowing each rider to optimize the riding position, the footrests and their mounting plates are billet machined, and are fully adjustable, as are the gear change and rear brake levers. The F3s carbon fibre components add a unique richness to the bike. The front and rear mudguards, dashboard cover, air box side and intake covers, fairing inserts, both upper and lower chain guards, Swingarm protector cover, sprocket cover, fairing lower, and stacked exhaust outlets are all manufactured in this lightweight, good looking material, each one carefully manufactured and covered with a transparent protective finish. Not hard to see why this is our top pick of the Motorcycle Show 2013.

#2 – Ducati 1199 Panigale R 2013 – $29,995

Ducati 1199 Panigale R 2013Unbelievable

performance and technological excellence proclaim this the new queen of the Ducati superbike family. Born of the world of competitive racing, the 1199 Panigale R is an exclusive and treasured interpretation of man’s passion for the racetrack: titanium piston rods, carbon fibre bodywork, Ducati Performance racing exhaust and livery inspired by the Ducati Corse. Perfection was never so close. The beauty of speed translated into design. The pure racing spirit is instantly channelled into the rider just by gripping the 1199 Panigale’s handlebar. The front headlamp disappears into the air scoops to give a look of no holds-barred competition. While the 1199 Panigale features LEDs for position lights and lamps for the headlights, the S versions and S Tricolore and R versions have full LED lighting, a totally new concept for motorcycles. The elegant forms of the saddle and the tail are heightened by the position of the exhaust and by the full LED tail light. Perspectives and lines are designed to attain aesthetic perfection; every one of its components is a true achievement in the integration of engineering and design. Breathtaking, trademark Ducati design. The 1199 Panigale is a bike that conveys power, elegance and agility. If you can’t get your hands on an Agusta Serie Oro – this makes for a great second choice.

#3 – BMW S1000RR HP4 2013 – $24,995 (Premium Edition)

BMW S1000RR HP4 2013When

light weight, massive power and razor-sharp handling are combined, the result is known as HP – High Performance. The new BMW HP4 is BMW Motorrad’s first 4-cylinder model to wear the HP badge. Based on the S 1000 RR, a purebred factory motorcycle has been developed – made from the very best materials and molded into unparalleled design. The lightest 4-cylinder engine in the segment provides uncompromising power with an output of 193 bhp and a maximum torque of 83 lb/ft. The new exhaust silencer provides a higher level of torque in the mid-range, so there is power available where it’s needed most to deliver stunning lap times. With the world’s first ever dynamic suspension system DDC (Dynamic Damping Control), the HP4 is the most advanced production sporting motorcycle ever built. DDC automatically adapts the suspension damping to the situation at hand. Various modes are available to choose from: Rain and Sport for public roads, Race and Slick for the race track. The further enhanced Dynamic Traction Control on the HP4 supplements this perfectly. It can be finely adjusted in Slick mode to dial in the perfect balance between system support and rider control. The result is transparent feedback, maximum traction and optimum acceleration. The new HP4 comes into its own with its refined paint finish in white and Racing blue. You might want to grab one of these quickly as the HP4 will only be available in limited numbers for 2013.

#4 – Honda CBR1000RA Repsol 2013 – $12,999

Honda CBR1000RR Repsol 2013Racy

performance, combined with real-world rideability and intuitive, Total Control operation. You’ll never experienced an open-class sportbike quite like the Honda CBR1000RRA. With its MotoGP bloodline showing through in every detail, there’s no question that the Honda CBR1000RRA can get around a track in a big hurry. But one of the amazing things about this bike is just how practical and easy to control it is for everyday riding on the street, too. Its lightweight and compact fuel-injected 999 cc engine produces a seamlessly smooth powerband that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon ride on your favourite twisty road, or for mixing it up with your friends during a fun track day. Plus, the CBR1000RRA has the kind of seating position that allows you to enjoy the ride, not long for the next rest stop. Honda’s technological genius also shows through in a world’s first: the CBR1000RRA’s Electronically Controlled Combined ABS, the first Anti-lock Braking System designed specifically for the unique demands of sportbikes. What a machine!

#5 – Yamaha YZF-R1 2013 – $14,490

Yamaha YZF-R1 2013

Power is about control and the R1 engine design, D-Modes, Traction Control and chassis design provide excellent controllability in a variety of conditions. The feeling of total confidence in your motorcycle’s abilities is one of the most important qualities that any bike can offer, and creates a special bond between the rider and machine, enabling the owner to exploit the enormous potential of this outstanding motorcycle.

When you have a motorcycle built to perfection, there is little else to do than changing paint job. After the addition of a new traction control system to the design last year, engineers made only one alternation to the 2013 Yamaha YFZ-R1 super bike – the colour options. Available now in Matte Gray, Rapid Red and Raven, as well as the familiar Team Yamaha Blue and White, the Yamaha YFZ-R1 for model year 2013 is identical to the 2012 edition in every way. Still powered by the 998cc, liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine, the transmission is also the same 6-speed multi-plate slipper clutch, even the seat is the same. Why ruin a good thing right?

Honourable Mention – Moto Guzzi V7 Racer 2013 – $9,990

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer 2013

The Moto Guzzi V7 Racer remains an homage in design to the café racer motorcycles of the 1950s and 1960s, combined with the modern features of an Italian-engineered motorcycle. Featuring a new and more powerful, 750cc, 90-degree V-Twin motor and new lightweight, six split spoke aluminum wheels, the V7 Racer brings together classic style and craftsmanship.
The completely reengineered 750cc engine still relies on the engineering that made the Moto Guzzi V50 a success among riders in 1977. Since then the engine has been continuously updated yet stays faithful to the original genial layout introduced by Italian engineer Lino Tonti in the 70s and stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition, that touring on a motorcycle at its most pure should be nothing but enjoyable. While maintaining the classic 90° V configuration, the engine is now comprised of more than 70% new components. Cutting-edge technological solutions have been used to improve functionality, provide greater torque and power even at low rpms, and be more efficient, with higher fuel economy and reduced emissions. The new engine is more powerful and stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition, that touring on a motorcycle at its most pure should be nothing but enjoyable.

The new tank brings with it a superior metallic construction that allows for a lighter tank along with a greater fuel capacity – the V7 Racer can hold a record 5.8 gallons which, together with reduced consumption, ensures a range of up to 310 miles. The distinctiveness of the V7 Racer design is sporty and attention-getting in all the right ways. A new chrome fuel tank finished with a studded leather strap, a single-saddle suede  seat with an aerodynamic seat cowl and ‘70s-style racer number plates mean the added engine performance is showcased right along with classic style.  What an incredible motorcycle and at a reasonable price too.

Latest Bike : Yamaha YZF R15
01:45 | Author: Udhaya kumar
If you are looking at a bike for the pure joy of riding a power machine, the YZF R15 is for you. Yamaha’s “Humachine Techonology” is built with a purpose of creating a “harmony between the rider and the bike”. The front cowls of the bike not only protect the engine but also serve for effective aerodynamic design of the bike. The tail of the bike comes with a similar aerodynamic design as well. The frontal space is significant to offer better protection to the user and along with the easy seating area that offers effective steering, this is a bike that you do not want to miss.

Yamaha R15 Mileage

The Yamaha R15 is a 149.8cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine that can deliver 17 PS of maximum power and this combined with a 15 Nm max torque makes for a bike that is pretty powerful for a bike of this segment. Compare this to the power delivered by other bikes in the 150cc segment :

BikeMax Power
Suzuki GS150R14 PS
Apache RTR 16015.2 PS
Honda CBR 150R17.81 PS
Yamaha SZ-x12.1 PS
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler14.2 PS
Yamaha FZ1614 PS

So as you see it, only the CBR 150R can compare at an equal if not better power. The Yamaha R15 does not come cheap though and can be purchased at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,07,500 in Delhi.

Mileage Claim

According to Yamaha, the YZF R15 is expected to deliver a fuel economy of around 46.93 kilometers per liter of petrol. This is under standard conditions. Anyway, if you were looking to buy an R15, you wouldn’t be imagining yourself to be riding them all day over the pot-hole ridden pockets of the city roads, would you?

Customer Reviews on Fuel

Let’s start off with the review from MotorBeam. The website review itself does not mention anything about the mileage but according to one commenter who claims to be an owner of the bike, the R15 can derive 40 kmpl provided you take care good care of the bike. Another user on Ibibo is even more optimistic. He says that the bike can give 45-47 kmpl on ideal conditions and this can go down to around 40-42 kmpl under city roads. That’s not bad at all given the sporty nature of this vehicle.

Not all reviews are so optimistic. According to a little known blog, Kannanking, the R15 can offer 32-35 kmpl on city roads and 38-42 on the highways. But given that the R15 is not built for the daily office commuter, there are not too many reviews talking about the fuel efficiency part of the bike. Even MouthShut has only three reviews who have rated the bike 4/5 on fuel consumption. No info on the exact mileage derived.

So here is a short snapshot of what people are talking about with respect to mileage. You do not have too many reviews regarding the mileage but from what we see, you do get a decent return despite the massive power and torque delivery from the R15. Got the money? Go for it.

SourceMileage (kmpl)
MouthShut4/5 rating

Latest Bike : Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler
01:43 | Author: Udhaya kumar
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is a motorcycle in the 150cc segment launched by the company in 2010. A Deluxe variant of the CB Unicorn Dazzler in dual-tone colours was launched last year. The Unicorn Dazzler is equipped with a 149.1cc 4-stroke SI engine that delivers a max power of 14 BHP and torque of 1.3 Kg-m (12.8 Nm). Some special features of the bike include a screenless front cowl, a 240mm front disk brake and a mono suspension suitable for ‘racing’ conditions – so the company says. A new CB Unicorn Dazzler can be yours in Delhi at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 66,738 while the dual colour DLX variant can be obtained for Rs. 67,757.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Mileage

Honda CB UnicornDazzler  Fuel Economy Claim

In the 150cc segment, we have reviewed quite a few bikes in the past. The official mileage claimed by a lot of these bikes is not over 55 kmpl. Yamaha Frazer for instance claims a mileage of 50.81 kmpl while the Hero Impulse and Yamaha FZ16 fetch 55 kmpl and 50.81 kmpl respectively. Only the Bajaj Discover 150cc fetches a good 64 kmpl under standard test conditions. Going by these official claims, Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is the second best of the lot. Honda claims the CB Unicorn Dazzler can extract 60 kmpl under standard conditions.

Customer Reviews Under Real World Conditions

How closer to the official mileage does the CB Unicorn Dazzler clock in real world conditions? MaxAbout reports that the mileage in city road conditions can drop to 50 kmpl. Their highways mileage is the same as the official claim. A user review report from BikeAdvice is on similar lines. Here, the reported mileage on city roads is 48 kmpl while this spikes up to as much  as 62 kmpl on the highways in the 55-65 kmph speed range.

A number of other reviews report similar fuel economy on the CB Unicorn Dazzler. IndiaGarage reports a fuel consumption efficiency of around 52-55 kmpl if you consistently drive around the 60 kmph mark.

Moving on to what customers at MouthShut say – there are 76 reviews for the Unicorn Dazzler and the overall rating for the bike in the fuel efficiency category is 4/5. The average mileage seen by the customers reporting here appears to be around 48-52 kmpl although there are outliers reporting 40 kmpl as well as 60 kmpl. Olx is no different. Customers here report a fuel economy in the range 45-55 kmpl.

So as I see this, the mileage that customers see on the bike is pretty consistent. The variation appears to happen in the way people use their bike. The Unicorn Dazzler gives a great mileage when you drive in the 50-60 kmph mark. Those customers who have to travel only small distances, the mileage seen may be less because it does take time for the engine to warm up and offer a good fuel economy. Similarly, customers who drive at top speeds of over 75 kmph, the vibration and the general conditions would reduce the mileage. So all in all, the performance of this bike is what you make of it. Here is a snapshot of what various reports claim on the mileage of the Dazzler 150cc

SourceCity Mileage (kmpl)Highways Mileage (kmpl)

Latest Bike: TVS Apache RTR 160
01:41 | Author: Udhaya kumar
The TVS Apache RTR was launched in 2007 and ever since has become one of the companies’ flagship bikes. The TVS Apache RTR 160 technically comes in the 150cc segment since there aren’t too many bikes in the 160cc space. The bike is powered by a 159.9cc 4 stroke single cylinder engine delivering 11.19 kw power and 13.1 Nm torque. In case you were wondering what RTR stands for, it is ‘Racing Throttle Response’. Other features on the bike include roto petal disc brakes, a wind-resistant tank and a sculpted digital display. The TVS Apache RTR 160 is priced at Rs. 71,340 ex-showroom in Delhi.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Mileage
TVS Apache RTR 160 Mileage

There doesn’t seem to be an official mileage claimed by TVS on its website at least. According to BikeDekho, the claimed mileage of the TVS Apache RTR 160 is around 54 kmpl. This is lower than the mileages claimed by other 150cc bikes like Yamaha SZ-x or Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler. The Yamaha FZ16 though only claims 50.81 kmpl of mileage.

Customer Mileage Reviews

Reviewing the RTR 160, MyIndiaGuide notes that the bike does not have too broad a wheelbase and that has helped it maintain a pretty decent mileage for a 160cc at 50 kmpl. Customers reviewing this bike on Yahoo Answers report a mileage of anywhere between 50-58.5 kmpl. It needs to be noted that except for one user, the rest have not reported above 55 kmpl on their Apache.

The reported mileage is the same on PriceArena. The website has reported the mileage of Apache RTR 160 at 50 kmpl. IndiaMart though has a more conservative figure. According to them, the fuel economy on the Apache RTR 160 is not expected to be more than 42 kmpl on city roads while this could increase to 54 kmpl on the highways.

The best mileage review comes from BikeAdvice. In a review of the bike phase-by-phase, writer Saran notes an extremely impressive mileage of 65 kmpl during the first 1750 kilometers. Post that, it fell down to 62 kmpl for up to 4500 kms. This mileage appears to have fallen down to 56 kmpl till 9000 kms. We could take 56 kmpl as the mileage reported by BikeAdvice for the long term.
BharathAutos provides a more realistic picture. In their review, the website has noted a city mileage of 45 kmpl which can increase to 50 kmpl on highways. The review is similar from IndianDrives that reports a mileage of 50 kmpl on the RTR 160.

Looking through MouthShut, there are over 200 reviews who together rate the Apache RTR 160 a 4/5 on mileage. Customers who have reported the mileage on the site claim the city mileage to be around 50 kmpl while the highways mileage has been reported to be 55 kmpl. The fuel economy reported on the city though goes down to as low as 40 kmpl on some reviews. So overall, one can say that the realistic mileage for city conditions is anywhere between 40-50 kmpl while that on highways is around 55 kmpl.

On Olx, the mileage reported by various customers selling their Apache ranges between 35-55 kmpl. That’s a huge variance and so if you are looking for more specific numbers be rest assured that the customer reporting 35 kmpl definitely looks like an outlier and so the average mileage you may expect is likely to be between 40-50 kmpl.

So should you go for an Apache RTR 160? Well, the bike has other complaints like significant vibrations at high speed. The mileage doesn’t seem to be a great problem given the fact that bikes in this segment tend to do worse than this. So our recommendation would  be to go through the product reviews of other bikes, take this one for a test drive as well before deciding on a bike. Here is a summary of all mileage reviews

SourceCity Mileage (kmpl)Highways Mileage (kmpl)
Yahoo Answers50-55

Latest bike Honda CBR 150R
01:39 | Author: Udhaya kumar
The Honda CBR 150R has been available in international markets since the early half of the last decade. The bike launched in India in March 2012 and has since then become one of the popular motorcycles in the 150cc segment. The bike comes with a 149.4cc displacement 4-stroke engine that can deliver a max power of 13.1 kw and 12.66 Nm torque. Features on the CBR 150R include a liquid-cooled engine, a responsive PGM fuel injection technology that is responsive to changing conditions, and wide tubeless tyres. The Honda CBR 150R is available at a starting price of Rs. 1,19,131 ex-showroom Delhi for the Standard variant.

Honda CBR 150R mileage
Honda CBR 150R Mileage

If you are someone who is serious about the CBR 150R, you should not be worried much about the mileage given the fact that the bike is priced at over a lakh of rupees. Considering the fact that this is a sports bike, the mileage is expected to be pretty low and as far as I know, Honda has not announced a mileage for this bike. Please write in the comments if I am wrong here. Nevertheless, here is a review of the mileage delivered by Honda CBR 150R from other sources.

Customer Reviews

BikeDekho has reviewed the Honda CBR 150R on their website and according to their site, the bike can deliver a mileage of 40 kmpl. IamaBiker writes from their test drive that the bike can deliver an impressive 48 kmpl on the highways although on city roads, the fuel economy can drop to 40 kmpl. Similar on the review from MakeShout where the mileage has been pegged at between 35-40 kmpl.

In fact, the average mileage reported by several sources is consistent around the 35-40 kmpl mark. IndianAutosBlog reports 35 kmpl while the consensus on IndiaGarage is 40 kmpl fuel efficiency. However there are some reports where the tested mileage is vastly different. For example, TechnoAddiction and MyIndiaGuide both report a mileage of 50 kmpl. MaxAbout delivers the most balanced mileage review reporting 32 kmpl mileage on city roads while the highways mileage for the Honda CBR 150R is reported to be 45 kmpl.

There are 16 reviews for the Honda CBR 150R on MouthShut and the users have in all rated the bike 3/5 for fuel efficiency. Surprisingly from the reviews that have reported a mileage, the fuel consumption appears to be extremely good at between 45-50 kmpl. I have my doubts over these reports considering the bike segment the 150R belongs to, and so take these reviews with a pinch of salt.

Overall, should you go for this bike? First off, you should not be basing the performance of a sports bike from the barometer of fuel efficiency. In any case, do note that the bike offers pretty decent mileage for its category. The price is expensive but should be worth every paisa. Here is a snapshot of mileage reviews from various sources:

SourceCity Mileage (kmpl)Highways Mileage (kmpl)
Supercars and hypercars commanding a price tag in crores isn't unheard of but what about their two-wheeler counterparts? Are they equally pricey? ZigWheels takes a look at the 10 most expensive (not to mention insane) production motorcycles in the world!

For many, a motorcycle is just a utilitarian mode of transport that gets them from point A to B while for some others it's a means of self expression and a passion. Imagine if you have all the money in the world and need a bike that can share garage space with your swanky Rolls-Royce or sporty Ferrari with equal panache? For such niche customers there exists a very rare breed of bikes which apart from their incredible craftsmanship and performance sport a price tag that can put many sports and luxury cars to shame. Here's a look at the current top 10 most expensive production motorcycles:

Vyrus 987 C3 4V V (Volumex)

10, Vyrus 987 C3 4V V (Volumex)

Price : $1,03,769 (Rs 57 lakh)

If Bruce Wayne had to buy a motorcycle then the Vyrus 987 C3 4V V would be definitely his weapon of choice. It not only looks like a motorcycle from another planet but rides also like one, instead of traditional steering arrangement where forks are used up-front, the Vyrus employs hub-centre steering and front swingarm which is parallel to the tarmac. The C3 4V V is the brainchild of Ascanio Rodorigo who used to work for Bimota in the early '80s and the bike is powered by a Ducati-sourced 1198cc V-twin engine which has been further supercharged to pump out 214PS of power while weighing just 154kg.