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Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is a motorcycle in the 150cc segment launched by the company in 2010. A Deluxe variant of the CB Unicorn Dazzler in dual-tone colours was launched last year. The Unicorn Dazzler is equipped with a 149.1cc 4-stroke SI engine that delivers a max power of 14 BHP and torque of 1.3 Kg-m (12.8 Nm). Some special features of the bike include a screenless front cowl, a 240mm front disk brake and a mono suspension suitable for ‘racing’ conditions – so the company says. A new CB Unicorn Dazzler can be yours in Delhi at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 66,738 while the dual colour DLX variant can be obtained for Rs. 67,757.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Mileage

Honda CB UnicornDazzler  Fuel Economy Claim

In the 150cc segment, we have reviewed quite a few bikes in the past. The official mileage claimed by a lot of these bikes is not over 55 kmpl. Yamaha Frazer for instance claims a mileage of 50.81 kmpl while the Hero Impulse and Yamaha FZ16 fetch 55 kmpl and 50.81 kmpl respectively. Only the Bajaj Discover 150cc fetches a good 64 kmpl under standard test conditions. Going by these official claims, Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is the second best of the lot. Honda claims the CB Unicorn Dazzler can extract 60 kmpl under standard conditions.

Customer Reviews Under Real World Conditions

How closer to the official mileage does the CB Unicorn Dazzler clock in real world conditions? MaxAbout reports that the mileage in city road conditions can drop to 50 kmpl. Their highways mileage is the same as the official claim. A user review report from BikeAdvice is on similar lines. Here, the reported mileage on city roads is 48 kmpl while this spikes up to as much  as 62 kmpl on the highways in the 55-65 kmph speed range.

A number of other reviews report similar fuel economy on the CB Unicorn Dazzler. IndiaGarage reports a fuel consumption efficiency of around 52-55 kmpl if you consistently drive around the 60 kmph mark.

Moving on to what customers at MouthShut say – there are 76 reviews for the Unicorn Dazzler and the overall rating for the bike in the fuel efficiency category is 4/5. The average mileage seen by the customers reporting here appears to be around 48-52 kmpl although there are outliers reporting 40 kmpl as well as 60 kmpl. Olx is no different. Customers here report a fuel economy in the range 45-55 kmpl.

So as I see this, the mileage that customers see on the bike is pretty consistent. The variation appears to happen in the way people use their bike. The Unicorn Dazzler gives a great mileage when you drive in the 50-60 kmph mark. Those customers who have to travel only small distances, the mileage seen may be less because it does take time for the engine to warm up and offer a good fuel economy. Similarly, customers who drive at top speeds of over 75 kmph, the vibration and the general conditions would reduce the mileage. So all in all, the performance of this bike is what you make of it. Here is a snapshot of what various reports claim on the mileage of the Dazzler 150cc

SourceCity Mileage (kmpl)Highways Mileage (kmpl)

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