Latest Bike : Yamaha YZF R15
01:45 | Author: Udhaya kumar
If you are looking at a bike for the pure joy of riding a power machine, the YZF R15 is for you. Yamaha’s “Humachine Techonology” is built with a purpose of creating a “harmony between the rider and the bike”. The front cowls of the bike not only protect the engine but also serve for effective aerodynamic design of the bike. The tail of the bike comes with a similar aerodynamic design as well. The frontal space is significant to offer better protection to the user and along with the easy seating area that offers effective steering, this is a bike that you do not want to miss.

Yamaha R15 Mileage

The Yamaha R15 is a 149.8cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine that can deliver 17 PS of maximum power and this combined with a 15 Nm max torque makes for a bike that is pretty powerful for a bike of this segment. Compare this to the power delivered by other bikes in the 150cc segment :

BikeMax Power
Suzuki GS150R14 PS
Apache RTR 16015.2 PS
Honda CBR 150R17.81 PS
Yamaha SZ-x12.1 PS
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler14.2 PS
Yamaha FZ1614 PS

So as you see it, only the CBR 150R can compare at an equal if not better power. The Yamaha R15 does not come cheap though and can be purchased at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,07,500 in Delhi.

Mileage Claim

According to Yamaha, the YZF R15 is expected to deliver a fuel economy of around 46.93 kilometers per liter of petrol. This is under standard conditions. Anyway, if you were looking to buy an R15, you wouldn’t be imagining yourself to be riding them all day over the pot-hole ridden pockets of the city roads, would you?

Customer Reviews on Fuel

Let’s start off with the review from MotorBeam. The website review itself does not mention anything about the mileage but according to one commenter who claims to be an owner of the bike, the R15 can derive 40 kmpl provided you take care good care of the bike. Another user on Ibibo is even more optimistic. He says that the bike can give 45-47 kmpl on ideal conditions and this can go down to around 40-42 kmpl under city roads. That’s not bad at all given the sporty nature of this vehicle.

Not all reviews are so optimistic. According to a little known blog, Kannanking, the R15 can offer 32-35 kmpl on city roads and 38-42 on the highways. But given that the R15 is not built for the daily office commuter, there are not too many reviews talking about the fuel efficiency part of the bike. Even MouthShut has only three reviews who have rated the bike 4/5 on fuel consumption. No info on the exact mileage derived.

So here is a short snapshot of what people are talking about with respect to mileage. You do not have too many reviews regarding the mileage but from what we see, you do get a decent return despite the massive power and torque delivery from the R15. Got the money? Go for it.

SourceMileage (kmpl)
MouthShut4/5 rating

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