Yamaha FZ-S Vs. Yamaha FZ-16
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The Yamaha FZ-16 was introduced way back in 2008 and has been around for a good 5-6 years now. The FZ-S model on the other hand was introduced less than a year back. This 150cc model is an improvisation upon the older FZ-16 model in that it comes with minor changes like an aerodynamic windshield, a longer pillion seat which is also relatively wider, a chain protector and a wider rear fender. You should know that none of these improvements would impact the mileage of the bike by a great deal since the engine has been kept practically unchanged. In any case, let us first compare the specifications of the two bikes.

Tech Specs Comparison

Both the bikes come with a 153cc displacement engine that offers a max power of around 14PS at 7500RPM that translates to 13.6 Nm torque at 6000 RPM. Everything – right from the seat height to the wheelbase and the kerb weight are the same on both the bikes. It goes without saying that both the FZ-S and the FZ-16 are bikes with the exact same interiors and just minor changes on the exterior. Let me just put down the major specifications side-by-side for your reference.

SpecificationYamaha FZ16Yamaha FZS
Max Power14PS @ 700014PS @ 7000
Max Torque13.6Nm @ 650013.6Nm @ 6500
Dimensions1973mm x 770mm x 1045mm1973 mm × 770 mm × 1090 mm
Kerb Weight135kg135kg
Fuel Tank12L12L
Price (ex-Delhi)Rs. 69500Rs. 71500

So there you go – except for a few millimeters difference in the height of the bike, there is not much change as far as the specs go. The Yamaha FZS is also priced slightly higher at Rs. 71500 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Mileage Comparison

The manufacturer’s claim on fuel efficiency is done via ARAI certified tests that are conducted in standard test conditions. These are usually much different from the riding conditions you experience within the city. Therefore you need to take these numbers with a pinch of salt since the numbers that you will be seeing could be much lower. In any case, according to Yamaha, both the FZS and the FZ16 are expected to deliver 50.81 kmpl under standard test conditions. For a better understanding of how the bikes would perform on city roads, let us take a look at what the various test rides and customer reviews have got to say.
BikeAdvice has official reports as well as usage reviews to put forth their claim. In their review of the FZ16, they report a figure of 40 kmpl on city roads that goes as high as 54 kmpl on highways. The corresponding FE for the newer Yamaha FZ-S is between 35-40. The latter figure has been derived from reports from a couple of real customers, one of whom though commends the bike saying the FZ-S feels like a 180cc bike although it belongs to the 150cc category.

The reports on MouthShut have been pretty positive for both the bikes. According to these reviewers, the FZ-16 can be expected to deliver anywhere between 38-47 kmpl on city roads. This is an extremely good figure considering that this is very close to the official manufacturer claim. The FZ-S does a notch better on MouthShut. Aggregating the reports from various customers, the FZ-S is expected to deliver somewhere between 38-53 kmpl. I doubt all this testing was done on city roads though.

Various other reviewers report the mileage on Yamaha FZ-16 to hover around 40. According to MotorBeam, you should count yourself lucky if you get 40 kmpl on the bike. BikeDekho says the figure on city roads should be around 35 kmpl while on the highways, this can go up to 46 kmpl.

Things are not looking very different for the FZ-S either. Users on xBHP note that the average fuel consumption should be in the range of 35-40 kmpl on city roads. On IndiaMart, customers have reported around 38 kmpl on city roads and 48 kmpl on highways. While MaxAbout is in love with the bike exteriors and the silent engine, the reported fuel consumption is not very different from other reviewers. They report 35-40 kmpl inside the city and 45 kmpl on highways.

Here is a summary of mileage reports from various sources. If you are someone who would love a more judicious use of fuel, neither of these bikes are for you. Check out our report on the best 150cc bikes – there are over half a dozen bikes that offer over 50 kmpl. Maybe you could take a pick from there.

SourceYamaha FZ16Yamaha FZS
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