Hero Xtreme
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This is the bike that you can currently find being advertised on TV by Hero Motocorp. The Hero Xtreme is not a new bike. It was first launched as Hero Honda CBZ which was later revamped and relaunched as Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme. After the split up between Hero Motocorp and Honda India, the bike has now been launched as Hero Xtreme.

Hero Xtreme

Like the CBZ Xtreme, the new Hero Xtreme is a 149.2cc bike that is powered by a single cylinder 4 stroke engine that can deliver a max power of 14.4 PS and torque of 12.80 Nm. This places the Xtreme somewhere in the middle in terms of power delivered by 150cc bikes. Here is a table of all the bikes in the segment we have reviewed so far and the average max power claimed by these bikes.

BikeMax Power
Suzuki GS150R14 PS
Apache RTR 16015.2 PS
Honda CBR 150R17.81 PS
Yamaha SZ-x12.1 PS
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler14.2 PS
Yamaha FZ1614 PS
Hero Achiever13.5 PS
Yamaha YZF R1517 PS
Hero Hunk14.4 PS

The Hero Xtreme is priced at around Rs. 65,975 ex-showroom Delhi.

Officially Claimed Mileage

According to Gaadi.com, the official claim on the fuel consumption is around 65.1 kmpl. This is better than the claim from most motorbikes in this segment. Here is what the various 150cc bikes delivered under standard test conditions:

BikeOfficial Claim
Suzuki GS150R55.7 kmpl
TVS Apache RTR 16054 kmpl
Yamaha SZ-x62.4 kmpl
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler60 kmpl
Yamaha FZ1650.81 kmpl
Yamaha YZF R1546.93 kmpl
Hero Achiever68 kmpl
Hero Hunk65.1 kmpl

Customer Reviews

Let’s start with BikeDekho. The website doesn’t seem to have had a hands-on test drive. But according to them, you can expect a mileage of close to 50 kmpl on city roads. I’m not sure if this is an official number or anything, but even WheelMela appears to concur. Even they note that the standard city mileage with the Xtreme is likely to be 50 kmpl. Again, MaxAbout too notes the fuel economy in city to be 50 kmpl that can go up to 60 kmpl on highways.

To get a realistic figure, let’s jump into user discussions. First off, on Yahoo Answers, there are a lot of people discussing the mileage on their Xtreme and the consensus seems to be between 45-48 kmpl. However, this is if you keep your bike well serviced. If the bike has had its run, then the mileage could drop down to 40 kmpl at which point it is time for yet another servicing.

On the BikeAdvice reviews section, there are over 70 reviews for the bike since the time it was CBZ Xtreme. The numbers floated by the various customers reviewing their bike falls in the range 45-51 kmpl. There are of course a few people who claim top mileage of as high as 55-58 kmpl but they are few and far between.

Checking out MouthShut, there are close to 187 reviews for the Xtreme since the earlier Hero Honda days. The average customer has rated the bike 4/5 on bike consumption which is a pretty good thing for a 150cc bike because not too many people are happy with the fuel consumption on this range. The average fuel consumption reported by the reviewers here is around 40-50 kmpl on city and around 63 kmpl on highways although there is more than one occasion where people have complained of low mileage of not more than 35-40 kmpl. But looking at the average numbers, I would take a guess that these are not the norm and it could also be because of other issues with the specific bike in question.

Things are not very different on Olx where various customers have put their bikes up for sale. The average fuel efficiency one can observe on the Hero Xtreme is between 40-50 kmpl.

So there you go. It is very difficult to see a reliably good mileage delivered on a bike in the 150+cc range. But in this case, the Hero Xtreme delivers. There could be other things that you may want to look at before putting in the money. But as far as the fuel consumption goes, the Hero Xtreme should give you extreme satisfaction. Go for it.

Here’s the summary, as always:

SourceCity Mileage (kmpl)Highways (kmpl)
Yahoo Answers45-48
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